People's Choice Festival of Pennsylvania Arts and Crafts

in Boalsburg, PA, 2001
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Kathy at her booth-her artworks are wordless stories in color and light and shadows

"KC Ruoss' much sought after talent was developed by virtue of 25 years of introspective personal development.  Much of her work reflects the intense admiration and study she has made of some of her favorite water color artists (Andrew Wyeth, Peter Sculthorpe, Steve Hanks) yet speaks of a very personal style drawn out of her rich past." -- Dave Brown, art critic 

Kathy at work-her prints are all signed and numbered by the artist


Kathy's Booth-she is nationally published water color artist depicting themes from Pennsylvania country life.

Prints-Stone work, barns, barnyards, and farm houses are frequent subjects

Kathy in booth-she is most accomplished in her use of light sources, shadows and colors


"Exquisite details with colors that range from vibrant, bold hues to gentle pastels fill your senses when you view a Kathleen Cope Ruoss watercolor painting.  The lifelike qualities of her paintings capture an otherwise forgotten moment in time." -- The Pottstown Mercury, 1996 

Signed prints-her water colors are warm and have a nostalgic tone to them

"Kathleen Cope Ruoss ... was able to develop her own style of painting contributing to her success.  There is something that's almost nostalgic about her paintings." -- From a Feature Article in US Art, March 1996


Art Fair-she reminds you of Grandmothers kitchen and Thanksgiving dinner.

Prints-she often paints the Amish and Mennonite cultural themes

"When looking at Kathleen Cope Ruoss' work, you do feel peace and love.  You can feel a sense of the "simpler" times.  Many of her paintings feel like "home" to many people.  The Details are exquisite, the colors true, capturing a moment in life that would otherwise be lost forever." -- The Pottstown Mercury, 1996  


"Those who look at Kathleen Cope Ruoss' works often find it hard to believe they are watercolors, rather than oils or acrylics." -- The Times Herald

Art Fair-her paintings are offered in many fine galleries and frame shops.

Duck-her drawing about still lifes and landscapes are very photo realistic